The Ultimate Life Changing Question To Ask Yourself In 2021.


It’s been a while huh.

Sorry I havent been posting more articles but I promise you that’s gonna change starting RIGHT NOW.

I have to address something that’s been bothering since me COVID of last year.

Since COVID there has been an all out attack on capitalism.

I understand why people would be pissed if they feel they have ZERO control of the circumstances even if it’s not their fault.

That anger needs release and for those that have no control, that anger gets directed at those who are more in control.

I know, I’ve been there and so have millions of entrepreneur’s.

Sage Advice From One Of My Favourite Movies.

American History X.

A glossed over movie.

If you haven’t seen this movie you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

Edward Norton plays Derek Vineyard a white supremacist.

A very angry white supremacist.

Throughout the movie you see his anger, pain and misguided life that he learned from an early age.

It get’s to the point that his rage leads him to commit a heinus crime. A crime that he doesn’t regret doing until much later in the film.

In the middle of the night a few men burglarize his home.

Without thinking Derek lets his rage guide him to the point that he wounds and kills one of the burglars.

He get’s charged and sent to prison.

During his time he doesn’t follow the rules of the yard and gets raped by members of his own group.

While Derek is in recovery from the rape he gets a visit from Dr. Bob Sweeny and there they have long HONEST conversation.

Dr. Sweeny tells Derek that he was just like him and some point in his life.

Sweeny was angry. He was angry at the world, angry at other people for his suffering. Angry at the suffering of his own people.

Sweeny kept looking for answer. An answer to end his suffering, his rage, an answer to explain everything. He wanted an answer to give meaning to what little control he had over his own life.

But like us all who scream at the unvirse for an anwser hoping someone or something is listening; we get nothing.


The universe ALWAYS stays silent.

That is until he finally asked himself the right question. A question that can make you take a hard HONEST look at yourself and your life.

A question that we all need to ask ourselves during the times when we are lost, angry and sour at the world.

“Has anything you’ve done made your life better?”

A hard and honest look into your own soul.

Reflect. Ponder. And take positive action in the right direction.

Till Then, Stay Hungry,


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