The Ultimate Guide To SEX! How To Write Sex Into Your Marketing Without Looking Like A Pervert.


Now that I have your attention, here’s some news about our new product that has absolutely nothing to do with sex!

Here’s some more SEX in hopes that we keep your attention while we pitch our product!

SEX! SEX and more SEX!


You’ve probably at some point ran into marketing that started out with said above.

It can get annoying and even piss you off.

But it can get even more seething if you’re trying to write it into your marketing.

Sex is the ultimate motivator. But here’s the thing.

It’s not about sex in the tradition sense.

It’s about the biology engraved in our DNA as humans and when you write it well, your response will blast through the roof.

And dear reader, there is a way to write it without looking like a basement dwelling hairy goblin.

Let’s keep it simple.


It’s simple really.

Humans, we have the ever lasting need to pass on our genetic makeup to our offspring. We want them to do same when they become adults.

And they the same.

But what happens when we don’t procreate? Our genes don’t get passed on, our lineage dies, and well we just don’t have a good time.

So how do you write sex in your marketing?

Keep the idea of procreating in your writing!

This on this email,

“I was stressed, my wife was stressed. I was working 100hrs a week and hardly saw my wife. It got to the point were I was a total stranger to her(she stop giving me a goodbye kiss when I left for work!)

That’s when I buckled down and created a system that gave me the freedom that I desperatly needed. Now I get to spend more time with my wife and now we even our first baby on the way!”

It’s a basic element of our genetic makeup. The need to pass on our genes.


Sex doesn’t work without attraction.

It’s needed, no matter how preachy people get, looks do matter.

Think on this.

We all want to look out best. We want the attention of the opposite sex(or the same sex).

It gives us a huge ego boost and shoots our confidence up like a rocket.

How about this email….

“There was nothing I could do with my pale white skin. I looked like living death. That was until I got hold of this spray on bronzer.

After applying the bronzer, it gave my pale white body an golden Adonis look! I can walk on the beach without my shirt!”

It’s a bit short but you should get the gist.

We all want to be attractive.

The Triangular Road Map

Sometimes you might have a product that has no idea how to give it an aura of some sex.

But fear not because you have the power of an 78 year old scientific paper to give you ideas.

Maslow’s Hericy of Needs!

The idea of Maslow’s Heircy of Needs is simple. It’s a triangular road map for human motivation.

At the bottom of the map there are the basic needs, food, water, warmth and rest.

And at the very top are the needs of self fulfilment. The need to feel accomplishment but more importantly, self discovering what that person is meant to do in life. Which is HUGE in the self improvement market.

There’s also the need to for love, belonging, self esteem, friends and relationships.

When writing tap into those needs and paint them into your marketing.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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