You Can’t Negotiate This One Thing


I know it’s been awhile…….a long while and I’m sorry for that.

Life gets you and can sidetrack your progress but it’s still my responsblility to provide you content.

So I’m here. And I’m here to stay.

Expect new articles and blogposts.

Now lets get to it!

My mom is a HUGE fan of spanish soap operas.

The cheesier the drama, the better the story.

Honestly busting chops aside, the good ones are written well and acted well but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

A few years ago my mom was glued to particular soap opera. It was a typical spanish soap opera love traingle and all.

But something was a bit different than the usual cheese fest.

The main protagonist.

The guy was basically a the “Chad,” of the show. He had money, fame and looks. He’s a divine specimen of pure masciliniuty………

….until his girlfriend leaves him for another guy.

The other is you guessed, the opposite of Spanish Chad.

He’s a bit on the heavyside, rough on the looks and is basically the ranch hand.

Spanish Chad pulls out all the stops to try and keep his girlfriends happy. He gifts her horses, cars, shopping spree’s in other countries, I mean the guy basically gives her the world and then some.

Throughout the show the more he buys her gifts the more she loses respect for him. Until she finally runs away with the ranch hand.

What did the SPanish Chad do wrong?

Many businesses try to do this one thing with their advertising and marketing and fail.

Can you guess?



Spanish Chad tried to buy to negotiate desire with his girlfriend only to lose her permanently to the ranch hand. Either desires is there or it ain’t.

Marketers and business try to do the same thing….

……just a little bit different.


Fidget spinners. Remember those? Do you think people would still buy those today?

Or how about Pet Rocks(yeah that was a thing). Would people buy pet rocks today?

You can’t negotiate desire no matter how you make your offer enticing.

If those desires aren’t there for the consumer then they won’t buy at at all or be motivated by your marketing.

I’ll talk more about soon.

Till then, Stay Hungry,


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