How Gene Schwartz Explains It All


For a lot of people in the “know,” about human nature; they instinctively know how it works and what causes that pendulum to move

Think on this.

There is no way to measure human emotions much less try to understand them.

Example. All the studies done on what we find attractive in the opposite sex lead to this one thing-We say one thing BUT we do another.

It’s tough to measure desire’s and emotions but one of the best copywriters of all time found a way.

Desire is Not Negotiable.

If desire can’t be created INSTANTLY with just your product then what makes desire?

Good question to ask. The answer however; is not simple.

Why do we all like Tesla and want to buy the self driving electric car? There’s no marketing or advertising for Tesla yet the car manufactor counts for around a good 13% of the automotive market.

Whenever the Church of Apple releases a new product their cult members stand in line for days just to get the latest gadget.

Schwartz Explains It All.

In Eugene Shwartz’s book “Breakthrough Advertising,” he gives the BEST and GREATEST explanation when it comes to how the public creates it’s desire.


The first portable 8-Track came out in 1964 from Ford. It was factory installed with 2 options. A 4 track player and 8 track player.

Suddenly the sound of listening to your favorite tunes while drive was available at your finger tips. This was far superior then listening to the radio waiting for your favorite song to play.

BUT before the success of A-Tracks, magnetic taping was available BUT it cost buckets of cash so the general public didn’t have a way to consume it.

When Ford released the option for the A-track player the public LOVED IT!

The appeal of FINALLY listening to your favorite songs in compacted format was part of the appeal for the 8-track tape player.

But what caused the demand for portable 8-tracks when LP’s were available?

Technology creates demand and utilizes a trait that exists within us all.

That trait is convenience. I’m sure when the first LP came out you had people wondering how this beautiful peace of machinery can be better and more easier to consume.

Technology pushes desire forward by always asking, “How can we make this better.” or Gene Shwartz would call this, “a mass technological problem”

You know the solution-sell the solution and profit.

Oh You’re Natural eh?

Another part of the monkey branch of desire is natural instinct.

This is simple.

Think of the idea of wanting to loss weigh or the idea of wanting to be look young and sexy.

Go even deeper and you’ll also find how far our insticts go.

Like wealth doesn’t mean having lots of money. We all want something in abundance and that could mean love, food, health etc.

Forces of Change.

A bit tougher to explain.

Change in consumerism happens with trends or the beginnings of certain wants.

Pet rocks, chia pet, fidget spinners etc.

The waterbed trend(remember them!) in the 60’s to the late 80’s is a strong example.

When these beds were invented to help people get a better. It was the antethisis of the trendy furniture sculpure that didn’t help comfort but instead made it more misarble.

People loved the bed.

Reviews on the bed were 5 stars and it’s peak, the waterbed industry reached over 2 billion dollars!

Then problems started. Like any hot market knockoffs started popping up trying to get in on the trend. Cheap beds hit the market and soon rumors started that the beds were leaky heavy mass of blobs.

But that’s not all.

Minor annoyances plagued owners.

Whenever someone else was comfortably sleeping; they would immediately get woken up whenever someone else got on the bed.

They were mushy, gurgley and moved around alot.

By the late eighties waterbed trends finally dried out and today waterbeds count for as little as 5% of the mattress market.

In my opinion understanding desire(human nature) is the the corner stone of running a successful ad campaign or creating a product/marketing a product to the public.

If you can’t understand how desire works then you’ll have a hard time marketing and selling.

Get out there and understand how people work.

Till then, Stay Hungry


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