Important Business Lesson From The Worlds Greatest Scientologist.


I often talk about having a certain type of skillset in order to navigate the world of business.

Skills are what makes you money and get you business so it’s important to sharpen and build a stack to be successful.

Not many people get that and it’s ok. I understand.

Learning new skills is tough and sometimes you’re to busy to spend at least an hour a day learning something new.


What if having a certain skill can help you from LOSING money?

The Last Samurai.

A great movie with Ken Watanabe and Tom Cruise(heh)

Tom is a veteran soldier drinking his nightmares from the battlefield away.

His soul is wounded and damaged. Nightmares keep him from getting a decent nights sleep, having a sense of peace but most importantly, seeing his worth as a human being.

He works with a traveling show showcasing rifles and talking about his exploits in the war with the American Indians.

He hates and gets fired.

Algren becomes aimless with no direction.

Until fate knocks at his door.

The Japanese want to modernize and need a seasoned soldier to train and lead their old fashioned army into the new ways of way in the modern world.

Enter Tom Cruises character Lt. Algren.

He sits down with the Japanese. He takes back a heavy shot of whisky and fires a price to the Japanese.

And here is the kicker.

Under their breath they say it, “America is a land of CHEAP traders!”



You mean Lt. Algren should have let them talk, ask them questions and then ask for MORE MONEY and the Japanese would have had ZERO issues with giving him more money!

It’s a rough lesson.

A costly lesson.

The Last Of The American Cowboys.

I consider truckers the last of the American Cowboys.

Vagabonds bound to the road and looking for the next adventure.

So when I was talking to an old seasoned trucker he caught me off guard with something that he said.

“No one knows how to bargain!”


Owners receiving shipments can refuse delivery and ask the shipper for discounts on “damaged,” freight.

And of course operators would rather just discount than bargain with owners.

Guess how much money gets left on the table?

Yep. You guessed it. PALLETS of MONEY.

This is a problem across the world of business.

Big and small entrepreneurs but I believe it harms smaller businesses more. But don’t get more wrong. Larger billion dollar companies suffer from this too but that’s for another time.

How To Learn How to Negotiate.

It’s intimidating to stare down an adversary when money is on the line. I get it.

Staring down a beast who you think “controls,” the outcome but more importantly has POWER over your destiny is intimediating.

I’m here to tell you that the illusion of leverage is hogwash.

Along with copywriting; negotiating is a important skill to learn.

So what’s the best way to learn how to negotiate?

Books and application.

There are countless books out there that can guide you to through the negotiating highway(and I’ll talk about them later).

Of course after you consume that info you have to put it into practice.

You can practice by cold selling.

Turning a no into a yes from a total stranger is a lot harder than it sounds but it’s a damn good way to sharpen that wit.

Get in front of people and sell your services.

There’s more to it and I promise I’ll talk about it at a later date.

Till then, Stay Hungry!


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