About Me

Demetrio Reyes is a Direct Response Copywriter and Positioning Specialist.

Demetrio Reyes is an AWAI trained direct response copywriter who offers emails, sales letters, ebooks, and articles.


On the sales floor I cut my teeth learning the art of persuasion in a competitive environment. This “craft,” helped me when I worked with patients back when I was studying emergency medicine(more on that in a second).

And never would I have thought that my love for the pen and quill, and my love for immersing myself in always learning new topics would lead me to the path that I’m on.

So it was no surprise that I would follow the path of becoming a sales writer(Direct Response Writer)

Before I started my freelancer career as a direct response writer I had several sales jobs where your bread and butter was earned on each sale.

While this type of environment was encouraged, it sort of spawned “sales sharks.” I hated the environment because it was every man for himself and never about the customer. What teethed more was that management never really cared just so long as there was profit.

Another thing that always hated was the promises made to the customers that were never kept.

Reputation and my word meant more to me than profits so I walked away.

In 2008 the Financial market took a dump because of toxic derivatives.

During this time I saw an opportunity to become a trader in the volatile market. I made and lost money swing trading but I learned so much on how the market works.

I later learned a horrible truth about some of my co workers at my old job. During the crises they lost a 3rd of their 401k. Many of my coworkers were ready to retire and enjoy the rest of their days under the sun.

But the loss forced them to continue working in a job market that was rapidly changing and leaving them behind.

During this time my father had a stroke and his recovery took a long time. During his recovery he became deeply depressed and refused to take his medication. We had to call the paramedics. He didn’t recognize anyone including his us-his family so you can imagine how he treated the paramedics.

They treated him well and got him to cooperate. I decided that the path of the medic was the path that I wanted to walk…

So using the profits I made in the market I decided to become a Paramedic.

During my time in the program I studied emergency medicine, studied anatomy and physiology, did clinical’s in hospitals, and small clinics. and even had the opportunity to deliver a baby!

It was an incredible experience.

But as the great Woody Allen(pre Soon-Yi) once said…..

“If you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans.”

A year in a half into the program I sadly discovered that I would get motion sickness riding in the ambulance. And if I got motion sickness in the ambulance, I couldn’t do my job and serve the patient.

And my father’s illness took a emotional toll on me.

So I left the program.

Which brings me to know.

I discovered AWAI after research into the direct marketing field.

I fell in the love with the idea of using my experience in medicine and in the stock market to help businesses who are ethical and want to help solve problems for their customers.

If you’re a marketer or small business owner who believes in selling your products ethically and morally..

..Then shoot me a message and lets work together.

I write for the Financial Market(Newsletters, Info Marketing, Day Trading etc, and the Health Market(Weight Loss, Fitness, Mens Health, etc)

Demetrio’s experience as writer includes

  • Is an experienced trader and has made and lost money trading.
  • Understands the market(prospects) and the needs
  • Has known family and friends who’ve lost money during the 2007-08 financial crisis and wants to make sure people never lose their savings again.
  • Has trained as a paramedic and has worked with patients.
  • Understands medicine, and the human body(how and why it works.)
  • Is part of a writing group that writes horror.

If you would like to see samples of my work just shoot me a message at demetrio@demetrioreyes.com

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