About Me

Demetrio Reyes is a Financial Direct Response Copywriter.

“If you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans.”

-Woody Allen(Pre-Soon Yi)


It’s Demetrio you’re probably wondering just who the heck I am.

I’ve worked in sales in probably was the most toughest and roughest market known to man…..


Selling long distance for land line specifically.

Ah humble beginnings.

Which brings me to now and how I can help you get the results you need.

Well, I’m a financial copywriter and I can help you sell more.

How you’re probably asking yourself.

I’m a AWAI trained and certified copywriter that uses sales principle and techniques that’s built billion dollar companies like Agora Inc, International Living, among many others.

By writing sales copy, ad copy and advertising for your business, I can help open a gushing well of sales.

How Else Can I help You And Your Business?

I may write ad copy for financial publishes BUT the sales principles of direct marketing have chameleon like super powers so those powers apply to other markets as well. And to add to that simple fact, peoples desires are the same in any market.

Markets like the fitness, health, supplements, etc.

Everyone has a deep desire to have a problem solved.

So it’s no problem if you need a copywriter if you aren’t a financial publisher, I can still help you.

Services I provide…

  • Email Marketing. (Emails that get clicked, open and bought from.)
  • Direct Response Ad Copy. (Good ol fashion direct response.)
  • Web Copywriting. (Direct Response Ad Copy on the Web!)
  • (Video sales letters require finesse and panache. And I’m your man to sprinkle those spices.)
  • Content. (Sweet and tasty content that satisfies the ever growing hunger for more information.)

I honestly don’t know if we’ll be a great fit BUT it doesn’t hurt to find out.

Shoot me a message and we’ll talk more your business.