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Sometimes Capitalism Can Suck.

Let me be the first to say that capitalism is fantastic. Capitalism helps a civilized society progress forward with innovation, wealth, and health. The more money funneled into innovation, the faster and greater the creation. More money into a growing society, the faster it advances. As firm believer in not believing the root of all

Bytch Face Marketing.

I just finished reading an interesting article about a new thing in plastic surgery. Women are PAYING thousands of dollars to fix, “Resting Bitch Face.” Just for the sake of this post I’m going to say RBF(cuz it just gets annoying typing Resting Bitch Face.) In case you haven’t paid attention to your surroundings, or

The 8 Billion Dollar Case For Monthly Memberships.

Morning, Remember Gillette and it’s ad speaking out against “Toxic Masculinity?” Remember how it insulted it’s main customer base. Remember how the ad positioned itself as more moralily superioir because Gillette was “Woke,” and privy to social issues? Yep. That SJW wokeness just cost Gillette 8 billion dollars. Well not technically but more of a

The Good, The Bad and The Emotional.

There’s no greater weapon in a copywriters arsenal than the power of emotions. Lets take a stroll down memory lane. In high school I was a straight A student and bit of a “nerd.” I loved math and science. So naturally I took the laws of Logic and made it my religion. 1 + 1

Marketing Lesson’s in the Instagram’O Sphere

Aw good ole Instagram Influencers. Of course everyone in the digital marketing space has a opinion of them- yours truly included. And of course mine isn’t all positive. I honestly think they are useless fake narcissistic psychopaths looking for validation and I feel sorry for the poor basterds who shack up with these people. Ain’t
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