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The Mexican Fisherman

I love parables(who doesn’t) I peek at other marketers blogs and writers as well. I want to find inspiration and find a new way to market and get my creative juices flowing like the Nile River. I sometimes forgot, while I’m not yet where I want to be at, I got to remind myself constantly

Do you observe and ask questions?

Ever been to see the doctor? Ever had to wait a godless amount of hours just to see a doctor while in an emergency room? Then when you finally get to see the doc, he just looks at you, looks at his chart and orders some stupid tests? Sometimes it’s even worse. Rookie wet behind

Getting your chops busted and feeling good about it.

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” ― Charles Bukowski Howdy, It still amazes me when people lose their minds when they get some constructive criticisms. I mean seriously, take a good beating, lick your wounds and come back stronger and smarter. But that doesn’t seem to work anymore. At least

Managing Your Time

Copywriting is challenging. It’s even more challenging when you’re trying to learn to write copy and you don’t have all the hours in the world to learn this magnificent craft. The truth is I and so do many. So with every minute and ever hour I have to maximise every sec and use it to
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