Is Your High IQ Lying To You?

Morning! Have ya’ll ever met someone who seems they just coast through life with little to no effort? Everything they do seems so damn easy it just makes you sick because you got to put in that extra effort just to get by. Here’s the pisser. I try to explain to people who can’t grasp

How To Survive The Coming Economic Meltdown.

Holy hell! The Virus is over a 150 days old now! And the damage that it’s done hasn’t even begun to show it’s ugly head. And the damage I’m talking about isn’t about human life. I’m talking about the economic damage, especial the decimation of small businesses. Now let’s be honest about something. When the

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Writing Emotional Hot Button Copy: How To Use These “Righteous,” Sins To Bless Your Copy With Profits.

“Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you’ll notice you’ve got their strict attention.” Want to know something about yourself that you’re not gonna like. You’re full of complicated emotions and those emotions cause to you make decisions everyday