Greed is Good.

My upbringing was traditional in the most unconventional way. I could stay up all night just as long as I got up the next morning, prepped, showered and ready for school. I could listen to all types of music just as long as it wasn’t a bad influence(MPAA was cracking down on hair metal and

How To Kill The “Nice Guy,” In Your Writing.

Howdy Everyone! I’ve made this dreaded mistake in my writing for a long time. But here’s the kicker. I didn’t even realize I was making this mistake until I was told that my writing was coming off creepy and manipulative…like a nice guy. Ouch. Not something no one wants to hear, especially copywriters and content

How To Win Easily Like Trump.

  Right now there are 28 million small business in the US and around 584,000 business that are popping up every month. That’s a lot of money being made(or lost) on a daily basis for these small companies.  A lot more is made if you’re one of the few that has that smart edge over
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