Social Media Cringe..How Not To Create Cringey Ads.

Ah good ol Social Media. Years ago when Myspace was around nobody could have predicted how a simple program that connected people(and strangers) would change the internet and how we interact with each other…..forever. Now a days people and their great grandma have a Facebook account or at least some app that’s some form of

Reading Between The Lines.

“Well you shouldn’t believe everything I say!” -Rational people acting irrational. Back in the day before I gulped the “red pill,” of entrepreneurship, I hit the jackpot when I started dating a hot chick from the upper west side of Austin. For those that don’t know the West Side of Austin is considered the Beverley

Greed is Good.

My upbringing was traditional in the most unconventional way. I could stay up all night just as long as I got up the next morning, prepped, showered and ready for school. I could listen to all types of music just as long as it wasn’t a bad influence(MPAA was cracking down on hair metal and
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