The Good, The Bad and The Emotional.

There’s no greater weapon in a copywriters arsenal than the power of emotions. Lets take a stroll down memory lane. In high school I was a straight A student and bit of a “nerd.” I loved math and science. So naturally I took the laws of Logic and made it my religion. 1 + 1

Marketing Lesson’s in the Instagram’O Sphere

Aw good ole Instagram Influencers. Of course everyone in the digital marketing space has a opinion of them- yours truly included. And of course mine isn’t all positive. I honestly think they are useless fake narcissistic psychopaths looking for validation and I feel sorry for the poor basterds who shack up with these people. Ain’t

Why I Don’t Always Trust Analytics.

Marketer’s and traffic experts are like engineers. They LOVE data. They wake up every morning and check the metrics of their websites, emails, and content. It’s a religion to them. And for good reason. Metrics tell you how you’re doing and if your ad’s, content are working. However in my opinion metrics are a bit

Jesus’s Greatest Sales Pitch Of All Time.

Happy Easter! Whatever religious holiday you might be celebrating this week, I wish you good fortune and positive holiness. Alright enough divine vibes for now because I have some things to share with you. A good ways back I remember several direct sales writers and salesman mention the Bible as… …The Greatest Sales book of

How To Waste Damn Good Copy.

“There’s no greater sin in the world than wasting damn good copy on a crappy product-Unknown Marketer” Recently I was doing some research when I stumbled on a thread on Reddit. It was about Agora’s copywriting course. And of course a slew of possums came out of the woodwork to give their 2 cents. “The


A little story about finding your backbone. Full disclosure. This story belongs to someone else and wishes to remain anonymous. I woke up to someone knocking at my front door. I quickly put on some pj bottoms and ran to see who the heck is at the door. I opened the door and to my

Avoiding Giving Your Customer Some Bad ZZZ’z. How To Make Boring Subjects Exciting And Avoid Killing Your Audience From Boredom.

One of my favorite pop cultural icons from the last century is the economics professor and former Nixon speech writer the one and awesome…. ….Ben Stein! I got introduced to him from one of my favorite movies from the 80’s Farris Buellers Day Off. If you haven’t seen this awesome movie then what exactly are