The Only Way To Sharpen Your Craft.

You read it all the time on forums. It’s one of the most common questions that’s always asked ESPECIALLY during a Q&A with a top copywriter or writer. That question: How do you get good at writing copy? The answer…. ..In a second. Need to give credit to Bob Bly and Hunter Shea….You can check

The “Avatars,” Must Be Crazy!

I look out my window and I don’t see a avatar. I see my customers. -Eben Pagan Howdy, Emotions trump logic. Bet the bank on that. Yet businesses forget about emotions heck even speakers forget about emotions! Here is why it’s important to touch and pile on the emotions of your prospects. It’s the only

4th of July Musings and Observations.

Morning, Well another 4th of July has come and celebrated with fiery passion. Loud mini bombs have been popped, copious amounts of booze have been consumed and grilled meats from our fresh daily kills have been eaten. And man do I love that! But with a heavy heart I gotta say, the 4th has lost
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